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Jacob Steigerwald, Ph.D.



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 Translation & Interpretation Service 

5960 S. Estes Street
Littleton, CO 80123



New Booklet and Research Tool

July 2009



By Jacob Steigerwald, Ph. D.

(Littleton, Colorado, 2009). 

ISBN 0-9615505-5-4.

(±5.5X8.5 inches = ±14x22 cm).

40 pages (i-viii+32),

weighs about 3.3 ounces (±94 grams).





     Finding Vital 1796-1945 Data Regarding German and Hungarian Ancestors of Banat(ska) Topola and Novo Selo, Plus an Expose About the Local 1945-1946 Internment Camp for Germans of Yugoslavia.









a) Locating vital data relating to German and Hungarian ancestors that lived at Novo Selo and/or Torontaltoplya = Töröktopolya = Banat Topola = Banatska Topola between 1796 and 1945,


b) Finding references to area villages where ancestors used to live before they relocated to the places indicated,


c) Discerning population growth and developmental stages of Novo Selo, Torontaltoplya =Töröktopolya = Banat Topola = Banatska Topola;


d) references to further sources of information are provided in the Bibliography,


e) Gaining insights concerning the unlawful internment tribulation of indigenous Germans when Marshall Tito and communist partisans came to power near the end of WWII,


f) Learning about evil procedures employed for eliminating former Yugoslavia's German minority, despite the fact that group members' local presence extended back to the 18th century.


g) Getting a better understanding about the ethnic minority known as Donauschwaben, i. e., Danube Swabians, and their primary habitats in Hungary, Romania, and former Yugoslavia.


h) Indications regarding current whereabouts of the widely dispersed group members in different countries are found in the Preface. - An Index provided guides readers to topics touched upon.

Das genannte, in englischer Sprache verfaßte Buchlein kann beispieisweise folgende Forschungsbestrebungenerleichtern:


A. Ermittlungen von Quellen, deutsche und ungarische Vorfahren betreffend, die zwischen 1796 und 1945 in Novo Selo, bzw.,

Torontattopolya = Töröktopolya = Banatska Topola = Banat Topola beheimatet waren,


B. Ausdeutungen von Bezugnahmen auf Banater Ortschaften, von wo Vorfahren zuwanderten,


C. Entwicklungsstadien von Novo Selo, bzw., Torontaltopolya = Töröktopolya = Banatska Topola = Banat Topola,


D. Wahrnehmungen, hinsichtlich völkerrechtswidriger Handlungen gegen einheimische Deutsche in Titos Jugoslawien,


E. Dicht am Zeitgeschehen geschilderte Vorgangsmethoden zur Eliminierung der deutschen Minderheit Jugoslawiens,

F. Vertiefung von Kenntnissen über den donauschwäbischen Volksstamm und die traditionellen Wohngebiete in Ungarn, Rumänien und Jugoslawien.


G. Angaben zur weit verstreuten jetzigen Präsenz von Donauschwaben in verschiedenen Ländern sind im Vorwort (Preface) zu finden.




Copies of the opus can be ordered for $3.99 each, plus $2.00 shipping (in the U.S.A.), from:

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Profile of an Americanized Danube Swabian:

Ethnically Cleansed under Tito


          Story of a Danube Swabian immigrant to Chicago and his quest for self-improvement upon having been denied educational and vocational opportunities as a member of Yugoslavia's disenfranchised German minority and as a refugee in Romania, Hungary and Austria, from 1944 until he came to America in 1951.  His advancement to a career as a university professor in the Midwest contrasts sharply with former exposure as a teenager to Nazi and Communist thinking.  Proverbial tenets regarding traditional perceptions in his native environment are fittingly reexamined.  By means of a historic group overview, the book contributes toward filling a gap in pertinent English coverage


Paperback 12.5 X 21.2 cm, 283 pages. $29.95, ISBN 0-9615505-4-6,

includes map drawing, 3 Appendices, and an annotated bibliography.

Free shipping with pre-paid orders.

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Exploring French, German and Spanish


    Practical primers to help beginning learners determine for which of these languages their particular aptitude might be preeminent.  There is potency in one's underlying aptitudes!


Paperback 27.5 X 21 cm, 163 pages.  $11.95, ISBN 0-9615505-2-X,

includes illustrations and bibliographic references.


Free shipping with pre-paid orders.

Specify number of copies.

Use address listed above.






Banat-Topola Schwaben: 1791-1945


(German & English in one combined volume)


    Descendants of expelled and widely scattered former inhabitants of this village in the Vojvodina are now also living in some English-speaking countries.  The listing of former local residents (p.48-51) should prove useful in genealogical research, along with the village history that is provided, from it's founding to the expulsion of its German-speaking native population in 1945. - How this German-Hungarian Catholic settlement with the successive names of Torontáltopolya, Töröktopolya, and Banatska Topola became a place of religious veneration is also covered in this combined German and English volume.



Bilingual paperback (Ger. & Engl.) 27.5 X 21 cm, 154 pages, $19.95, ISBN 0-9615505-3-9 Illus.,

with intermittent biographic content and a bibliography.

The opus could be borrowed under Inter Library Loan  provisions, 

via public or academic libraries


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