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The Forgotten Genocide

Ann Morrison



Take a Moment to Reflect

          Many people are unaware of the political situations surrounding the genocides of post WWII in Eastern Europe.  I'm not referring to the public as much as to the people within the ethnic organizations.  Many parties occur.  These parties are events where family and friends, with the same backgrounds, come together to enjoy the food, music and dance.  Such events are a very important part of the culture.  There is another part that should be taught and viewed as important as these parties. That is the reason for which all of these organizations were established.

          As I worked on “The Forgotten Genocide Project” I ran into road blocks, not because the stories weren't there, but because people didn't want to hear about that part of their family history.  This is a painful part of the history of these organizations.  It is the history that brought them together and knowing all aspects of the history is very important, especially if the controversy is still going on today.

          The time it took to put this project together was not always happy-time; in fact, there was probably one laugh to every ten cries.  I couldn't stop because it didn't make me happy. I couldn't stop because it wasn't fun.  It can't stop being told because it's not the good part of the history associated with the clubs and organizations that exist today.  For every person who doesn't want to know about it there is one, maybe even two who do.

          Please keep this part of the history of the ethnic German cleansing alive.  Become acquainted with all parts of the history.  Teach the dances, the songs and definitely how to cook the food; but don't forget the pain. The generations that follow must know that with all the joy there was pain.  The reason the festivals are put together is to teach the good; but there must be a time to teach about the hardships.  This is the history that belongs to you and yours.  This is the history that brought these organizations to where they are today.  Don't forget: always remember where you came from.  It is what made you who you are today.


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Ann Morrison

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