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Danube Swabian literature

Published in the United States of America

"The Banat Germans" by Nikolaus Engelmann is published by the University of Mary Press,

Bismarck, ND. Description: History and culture of the Banat Germans.

“Genocide” USA English-Language edition: The Suffering of the Germans in communist

Yugoslavia 1944-1948. Description; translated and appreviated excerpts of the

“Der Leidensweg der Donauschwaben im Kommunistischen Jugoslawien”.

Danube Swabian Association of the USA in 2001. INC. 12626 Vista panorama

Santa Anna. ISBN 0-97103441-0-9, LCCN 2001 126370.

“Genocide” European English-Language edition: The Suffering of the Germans in

communist Yugoslavia 1944-1948. Arbeitskreis Dokumentation (Working

group Documentation): Herbert Prokle, Georg Wildmann, Karl Weber, Hans

Sonnleitner. Munich 2003, Home Country Research ISSN 0172-5165-96

Publishing company of the Danube-Swabian cultural endowment, ISBN 3-

926276-47-9, 224 pages, 10 €

“The Last Generation Forgotten and left to Die, the history of the Danube Swabians” by Hans

Kopp, published by the Society of The Danube Donauschwaben, Cleveland,

Ohio and the author. ISBN No. 0-9701109-0-11999, Copyright 1999 LCCN

TX949-502 & TXU000883155, LCCN 003111776 page 394 (8.5X11) US $

75.00, 75 €.

Description; this book was specifically designed for the Danube Swabian and

the American and Canadian public in North America. The book is in two

languages German and English. In three sections a human interest story by a

10 year old during reliving the horrors of the death camp Gakowa, the history

of the Donauschwaben in a concise presentation of the Turkish war, the

settlement, the live of the Donauschwaben, WWI and WWII, expulsion, escape

and new live. The third section includes more than 1,400 pictures of cities,

churches, the life of the Donauschwaben, maps, from prior to 1944 and it also

includes 48 pages of color picture from the lives of the Danube Swabians after

1944 from throughout the world were Danube Swabian societies exist who

fosters their culture and social mores.

“Barefoot in the Rubble” by Elizabeth B. Walter, is published by Pannonia Press, Chicago

Library of Congress No 97-66539, ISBN 0-9657793-0-0, 1997 265 pages US $


Description; the human interest story of a four year old child about the tragedy

of the Danube Swabians, their families and their new life in Germany.

“In search of a Warm Room” by Anne Jung Holden, is published by Warren Publishing Co.,

Library of Congress No. 97-072243

ISBN No. 1-886057-83-4. 2002 120 pages US $ 18.00

Description; The printed diary of the author’s mother during their flight across

Europe during the retreat of the German army.

“A Pebble in my Shoe” by Katharine Hoeger Flotz, is published by Pannonia Press, Chicago

Library of Congress No. 2004095421

ISBN No. 0-9657793-7. 2004 164 pages US $ 29:00.


Description; The memoirs of the author and her husband during the time of her

home in Gakowa being converted into a death camp. And about her husbands

flight on foot, wagon and train during the retreat of the German army to the

days they arrived in the United States of America.

“The Innocent must pay” by Maria Horwath Tenz, is published by the University of Mary

Press, Bismarck, ND.

Description; The experiences of a young Banat girl in the Rudolfsgnad

internment camp. 


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