December 17, 1974

Trenton, Michigan

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Information Received 12 November 2011

Received from:

Kathy Thornton Chambers

Brian was born in Trenton, MI on December 17, 1974 to Carlla Morgan (Now Carlla Morgan-Lampton) and Michael David Chambers.  He has 2 half siblings- Amanda and Corey Chambers.

Interesting family history: Morgan family tree- Daniel Morgan- American Revolutionary War hero:

He might also be a descendant of Admiral Sir Henry Morgan  (aka Captain Morgan) but not 100% sure.  They still need to do more research on this one.

Received from:

Kathy Thornton Chambers

Here's some more pics and info.

Charles & Mary Morgan our Brian's grandparents and picture of their children- starting on top- William Morgan and then left to right- Nancy, Virginia and Carlla (originally spelled Carilla later changed because people mispronounced it).

Charles Morgan Mary Morgan

William Morgan

Nancy, Virginia and Carilla

Morgan Family Tree
Received from:

Kathy Thornton Chambers

Mary Morgan's maiden name is Shelton.


GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: English

Meaning & History

From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "shelf town" in Old English.

English (mainly Nottinghamshire): habitational name from any of various places, for example in Nottinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Shropshire, and Staffordshire, which are named from Old Englishscylf ‘shelf’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.


Information found by TCT 12 November 2011 "Joseph Morgan" and "Elizabeth Lloyd"

google search Joseph MORGAN3,401,405 was born in 1702 in Montgomery, PA.3,405 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,401 He died in 1748.3,405 He is reference number 95976. Parents: Edward MORGAN and Margaret Elizabeth JARMAN.

Spouse: Elizabeth LLOYD. Joseph MORGAN and Elizabeth LLOYD were married. Reference Number:1213837

Spouse: Elizabeth LLOYD. Joseph MORGAN and Elizabeth LLOYD were married WFT Est 1719-1742.3,405 Reference Number:1533487 Joseph MORGAN was born between 1688 and 1716. He died between 1752 and 1799. Parents: Edward MORGAN and Margaret Elizabeth JARMAN.

He was married to Elizabeth LLOYD in 1728. Children were: Joseph MORGAN Jr., Rachel MORGAN, Mordecai MORGAN, Catherine MORGAN, Daniel MORGAN, Sarah MORGAN, Edward MORGAN, Able MORGAN, James MORGAN, Elizabeth MORGAN.

Joseph MORGAN Jr. was born between 1728 and 1732. He died in 1804. Parents: Joseph MORGAN and Elizabeth LLOYD.

He was married to Martha UNKNOWN between 1728 and 1776. Children were: Josiah MORGAN, Deborah MORGAN, John M. MORGAN, Mary (Polly) MORGAN. 

Joseph MORGAN was born in 1766. He died in 1828. Parents: Edward MORGAN and Susannah TAYLOR.

He was married to Rebecca SPAHN between 1800 and 1824.

Return to this site for more information on descendants and ancestors.  TCT
Descendants of: James MORGAN          

1 James MORGAN b. ABT 1640 d. 1741 
  m. Ann HOPTON 
  2 William MORGAN 
    Died as infant.
  2 Edward MORGAN b. ABT 1663 
    m. Elizabeth JARMAN 
        Arrived in Philadelphis PA 20 September 1683 aboard "The Morning Star" from
Liverpool, England.  He soon married Elizabeth who had arrived on the same
ship.  Famil lived in Gwynedd PA by 1690 and were members of the Friends
Radnor Meeting.
    3 William MORGAN b. ABT 1687 d. 13 Oct 1780 
      m. Elizabeth ROBERTS m. 7 Oct 1713 Friends Radnor Meeting  
      m. Catherine ROBESON m. 7 Oct 1731 
      4 Margaret MORGAN b. 29 Sep 1714 
      4 Elizabeth MORGAN b. 19 Jan 1717 
      4 Sarah MORGAN b. 17 May 1719 
      4 Edward MORGAN b. 1722 
      4 Catherine MORGAN b. 1723 
      4 George MORGAN b. 1733 
    3 Edward MORGAN b. ABT 1689 d. bef  7 May 1718 
      m. Margaret ____ 
      4 Hannah MORGAN 
      4 Miriam MORGAN 
      4 Edward MORGAN 
      4 George MORGAN 
      4 Mary MORGAN 
    3 Elizabeth MORGAN b. ABT 1690 d. AFT 23 Dec 1727 
      m. Cadwalder MORRIS m. 24 Mar 1710 Friends Radnor Meeting  
      4 Catherine MORRIS 
      4 William MORRIS 
      4 David MORRIS 
      4 Edward MORRIS 
      4 Morris MORRIS 
      4 Alice MORRIS 
    3 Daniel MORGAN b. 1691 d. 29 Jun 1773 
      m. Elizabeth ROBERTS m. 21 Sep 1718 Friends Radnor Meeting  b. 1689 d. 14 Nov 1777 
      4 Benjamin MORGAN b. 1719 
      4 Ruth MORGAN b. 15 Mar 1721 
        m. Nathan EVANS 
        m. Moses PETERS 
    3 Margaret MORGAN b. 22 Aug 1693 d. 24 Oct 1750 
      m. Samuel THOMAS m. 1 Mar 1713 Friends Radnor Meeting  
      4 Elizabeth THOMAS b. 1714 
      4 Catharine THOMAS b. 31 Oct 1715 
      4 Samuel THOMAS b. 1717 
      4 Thomas THOMAS b. 1718 
      4 John THOMAS b. 19 Dec 1720 
      4 Edward THOMAS b. 23 Nov 1722 
      4 Ellen THOMAS b. 19 Nov 1724 
      4 Mary THOMAS b. 10 Oct 1726 
      4 Sarah THOMAS b. 1728 
      4 Mary THOMAS b. 8 Jul 1730 
      4 Samuel THOMAS 
    3 Morgan MORGAN b. _____ d. 1727 
      m. Dorothy HUGHES m. 27 Mar 1718 
      4 Edward MORGAN b. 1719 d. 17 May 1823 
        m. Margaret RITTENHOUSE m. 1748 
      4 Jesse MORGAN b. ABT 1721 d. 1757 
        m. Mary RITTENHOUSE 
    3 Deborah MORGAN b. _____ d. 18 Jul 1699 
    3 Mary MORGAN 
      m. John WRIGHT 
    3 John MORGAN b. ABT 1698 
      m. Sarah LLOYD m. 8 Sep 1721 Friends Radnor Meeting  b. 14 Jul 1701 d. 6 Aug 1747 
      4 John MORGAN, Jr. b. ABT 1722 
        m. Mary CURTIS 
      4 Elizabeth MORGAN 
        m. William BALDWIN 
      4 Sarah MORGAN 
        m. Colbert BLAIR 
      4 William MORGAN b. 1742 d. 7 Apr 1771 
        m. Rebecca MILLS m. 10 Jul 1760 Rowan Co. NC  
      4 Morgan MORGAN b. 1746 
    3 Sarah MORGAN b. 1700 d. 1 Jan 1777 
      m. Squire BOONE m. 23 Jul 1720 Friends Radnor Meeting  b. 1966 d. 1765 
      4 Sarah BOONE b. 1724 d. 1815 
        m. John WILCOCKSON 
      4 Israel BOONE b. 1726 d. 1756 
        m. ____ ____ m. 13 Dec 1747 
      4 Samuel BOONE b. 1728 d. 1816 
        m. Sara DAY 
      4 Jonathan BOONE b. 1730 d. 1808 
      4 Elizabeth BOONE b. 1732 d. 1825 
        m. William GRANT m. 1750 b. 1726 d. 1804 
      4 Daniel BOONE b. 24 Nov 1734 d. 26 Sep 1820 
        m. Rebecca BRYAN b. 1739 d. 1813 
      4 Mary BOONE b. 1736 d. 1819 
        m. William BRYAN m. 1755 b. 1733 d. 1780 
      4 George BOONE b. 1739 d. 1820 
        m. Ann LINVILLE 
      4 Edward BOONE b. 1740 d. 1780 
        m. Martha BRYAN m. 8 Aug 1765 
      4 Squire BOONE, Jr. b. 1744 d. 1815 
        m. Jane VAN CLEVE b. 1749 d. 1829 
      4 Hannah BOONE b. 1746 d. 1828 
        m. John STEWART m. 1765 
        m. Richard PENNINGTON m. 1777 
    3 Joseph MORGAN b. ABT 1702 d. BEF ?? Feb 1749 Frederick Co. VA 
      m. Elizabeth LLOYD m. 8 Sep 1728 Friends Radnor Meeting  
      4 Daniel (2) MORGAN, Gen. b. 1729 d. 6 Jul 1802 
        m. Abigail CURRY 
      4 Sarah MORGAN b. 1730 d. 1796 
        m. William NEELY 
      4 Edward MORGAN b. 1736 d. 1799 
        m. Susannah TAYLOR 
      4 Abel MORGAN b. _____ d. 1793 
        m. Elizabeth BELL m. 1790 
      4 Mordecai MORGAN b. _____ d. 1813 
        m. Martha PRESTON 
      4 Joseph MORGAN, Jr. 
        m. Nancy CURTIS 
      4 Catharine MORGAN 
        m. Michael CLOWER 
      4 Rachel MORGAN 
        m. ____ HURST m. 13 Jul 1763 
      4 Elizabeth MORGAN 
        m. George CLOWER m. 1759 
      4 James MORGAN 
        m. Elizabeth TAYLOR 
  2 Sarah MORGAN 
    m. Stephen BEASLEY

The Earliest Documented Ancestor of

  • It is believed, but not proven that both of the first two lines begin with Edward Morgan born about 1660 in Bala, Marioneth, Wales and died after Oct 1732 in Pennsylvania, USA. He married Elizabeth Jarman after 7 Oct 1731 in Pennsylvania.
    • Their son, Joseph Morgan, married Elizabeth Lloyd and died before 8 Feb 1748/49 in Frederick Co., Virginia.
The two DNA participants are descended from the proven lines below.
  • Test # M10152--
  • Joseph Morgan was born about 1745 and died before July 1801 in Burke Co., NC.
    • His son, Job Meekly Morgan, was born 7 Mar 1771 in Burke Co., NC and died 1 Jan 1857 in Putnum, Jackson Co., TN.
      • His son, William Carroll Morgan, was born 1 Mar 1816 in Jackson Co., TN and died 27 Apr 1887 in Johnson Co., TX.
        • His son, Daniel M. Morgan, was born after June 1857 in MO, (possibly Gasconade Co.) and died after 1941.
          • His son, Charles Edward Morgan, was born 8 Oct 1890 in Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX and died 8 Oct 1965 in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA.
  • Test # M23193--
  • Joseph Morgan was born about 1745 and died before July 1801 in Burke Co., NC. He married Nancy "Ann" Curtis who was born about 1749 and died after 1807.
    • Their son, Job Morgan, was born 1 Mar 1771 in Burke Co., NC and died 1 Jan 1857, at Spring Creek, Jackson Co., TN. He married Sarah "Sally" Hawkins who was born 17 Sep 1778 in Burke Co., TN and died 18 Jan 1863 at Spring Creek, Jackson Co. TN.
      • Their son, Austin Hawkins Morgan, was born 15 Oct 1813 at Spring Creek, Jackson Co., TN and died 18 May 1897 and is buried in Overton County Cemetery, TN. He married Amanda Elizabeth Maxwell who was born 22 Dec 1826 at Spring Creek, Jackson Co., TN and died 16 Mar 1907 and is buried in Overton County Cemetery, TN.
        • Their son, Joseph Warren Morgan, was born 11 Sep 1850 at Spring Creek, Jackson Co., TN and died 13 Nov 1935 and is buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery, Jackson Co., TN. He married Louisa Sabrina Masters who was born 5 Nov 1855 at Gainesboro, Jackson Co., TN and died 19 Jul 1936 in Cookville, Jackson Co., TN.
          • Their son, James Perry Morgan, was born 6 May 1882 and died 2 Nov 1954 in Putnam Co. TN and is buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery, Jackson Co., TN. He married Maggie Masters who was born13 Apr 1886 in Jackson Co., TN and died 15 Nov 1916 in Putnam Co., TN and is buried in Poplar Srpings Cemetery, Jackson Co., TN.





MORGAN Surname Y-DNA Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart Daniel Morgan (1736 – July 6, 1802) was an American pioneer, soldier, and United States Representative from Virginia.

Morgan was the fifth of seven children of Joseph Morgan (1702–1748) and Elizabeth Lloyd (1706–1748).

Daniel Morgan's great-great-grandfather was also the uncle of the famous Welsh privateer and pirate, Henry Morgan.[citation needed]
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth (Lloyd) Morgan
Posted by: Linda Kent (ID *****9047) Date: May 06, 2005 at 10:01:02
  of 19121

I'm looking for additional information on the children of Joseph Morgan (b 1702 PA died 1748 Frederick Co., VA) He was married to Elizabeth Lloyd on September 28 in Merion MM, Philadelphia County, PA. The known children I have our:

Edward Morgan of Ohio County, (W)Virginia born 16 December 1735/1736, will was recorded on June 17, 1799 in Ohio County, (W) Virginia. Married Susannah Taylor abt 1762. Edward was dismissed from the Friends Society in 1762 for marrying out of unity. 7 children were named in his will.

Joseph Morgan d. bef July 1801 of Burke Co., NC

Rachel Morgan m Joseph Hurst, son Morgan Hurst was residing in Ohio County, (W) Virginia

Mordecai Morgan d. of Burke Co., NC m. Martha

Daniel Morgan was in Ohio County in 1777 when he took his "Oath of Fidelity" He was married to Margaret and know of six children born to this union.

My direct line is with Edward Morgan and I would like to know more about his siblings. If any one has any additional information I would love to hear from you.

Linda Kent
Husb: Joseph Morgan
Father: Edward Morgan
Mother: Elizabeth Jarman
Birth About 1702 Gwynedd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Wife: Elizabeth Lloyd
Birth About 1704  
Family Events
Marriage August 8, 1728  
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A document kindly forwarded by a US visitor.

By Roberta Stuart Sims
(Mrs. E. Kitteredge Sims)
of Shreveport, LA

George Boone was a weaver by trade and a Quaker by religion. He was born in 1665 in the hamlet of Stoak near Exeter in Devonshire, England. In his time the Quakers were oppressed and George Boone therefore sought information of William Penn, his co-religionist, regarding the colony which Penn had established in America. In 1712 he sent his three children, George, Sarah, and Squire to spy out the land. Sarah and Squire remained in Pennsylvania, while their brother George returned to England with glowing reports. On August 17, 1717, George Boone went first to Abingdon, the Quaker farming community. Later they moved to the northwestern frontier hamlet of North Wales, a Welch community which a few years previously had turned Quaker.

(Ref. "Pioneers of the old Southwest" by Skinner ; 24-25)

George Boone's wife was Mary Milton Maugridge. (Ref. "The Boone Bulletin" and "The American Pioneer Records")

Their children were:

1. George -- born 1690 Married Deborah Howell
2. Sarah -- born ? Married Jacob Stover
3. Squire -- born about 1699 Married Sarah Morgan
4. Joseph -- born 1704 Married Cather ------
5. Benjamin born 1706 Married Sussannah ------

In 1718 George Boone took up 400 acres in Olay in the subdivision to be later called Exeter and there lived in a log cabin. He died in 1744. He left 8 children, 52 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, English, German, Welsh and Scotch blended into one family of Americans.

Among the Welsh Quakers was a family of Morgans. In 1720 Squire Boone, a son of George and Mary (Maugridge) Boone married Sarah Morgan. A Welch American planter of note who came early to Pennsylvania was Edward Morgan, the grandfather of two great Americans: Daniel Boone of Kentucky, son of Squire and Sarah (Morgan) Boone and Gen. Daniel Morgan, according to Quaker records. (Ref. P.22 Boone Bulletin and American Pioneer Records, Vol II 1934-39)

Every effort has been made to learn something of the ancestry of Sarah Morgan, wife of Squire Boone but without appreciable results. It is claimed, of course, that Sarah's father was Edward Morgan of Gwynedd, Philadelphia, PA., and her marriage record shows that fact beyond all doubt. It is also reasonably certain that her brothers and sisters were the young Morgans, whose marriage records like her own, state that they were children of Edward Morgan of Gwynedd. Beyond these facts there is nothing authentic upon which to base any statement connecting Sarah (Morgan) Boone with any other Morgan family record. In "Life of Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Virginia line" by James Graham we find, "It is interesting to know that these two famous fighters of the Revolutionary period, Daniel Morgan and Daniel Boone were first cousins, but we have found no adequate proof of this connection."

The marriage of Edward Morgan's children into the great Welch families indicates that they, Daniel Boone and Gen. Daniel Morgan, are connected by blood.

Recorded marriages of Edward Morgan's children are as follows: *
(*) There might have been other children.

1710 Elizabeth Morgan married Cadwallader Morris
1713 Margaret Morgan married Samuel Thomas
1718 Daniel Morgan married Elizabeth Roberts
1720 Sarah Morgan (born 1704) married Squire Boone
1721 John Morgan married Sarah LLoyd
1728 Joseph Morgan married Elizabeth Lloyd
1731 William Morgan (widower) married Catherine Robinson

(Ref. American Pioneer Records and The Boone Bulletin Vol II, 1934-39)

It was in North Wales hamlet, Pennsylvania, that Squire Boone met Sarah Morgan and married her in 1720 in a Quaker meeting house. Their children were: (Record obtained from The Boone Family by Hazel Attervury Spraker, published by the Tuttle Co., Tutland, VT., 1922 Edition)

* 1. Sarah--born April 7, 1724--died 1824--married John Wilcoxen
Known issue of this marriage were:


2. Israel--born May 20, 1729--married about 1748--not traced

3. Samuel--born May 3, 1728--died 1815--married Sarah Day

Issue: Samuel

Squire--born Oct. 13, 1760 in South Carolina; died June 28, 1817, in Todd County, Ky. He was a Baptist preacher and was married on Sept 1, 1784, in Fayette County, KY to Anna Grubbs--born June 23, 1766; died August 26,1843, daughter of WM. and Susanna (Hearn) Grubbs. They had 13 children. (Ref MSS 00.83 Drapers)

4. Jonathan--born December 6,1730; married -------------

Issue: John

5. Elizabeth--born February 16, 1732; married William Grant--born 1720; died 1764.

Issue: Mary

6. Daniel--the famous pioneer and Indian fighter was born Oct 22, 1734; died Sept 22, 1820; married Rebecca Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Alee ----- - Bryan

Issue: James

7. Mary--born March 14, 1736; died 1819; married William Bryan brother to Rebecca and Martha Bryan

Issue: Samuel

8. George--born January 13, 1739; died 1820; married Ann or Nancy Linville

Issue: Mary

9. Edward--born March 30, 1740 was killed at the first Battle of Blue Licks, 1780. Married Martha Bryan, daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan and sister of Rebecca Bryan, wife of Edward's famous brother Daniel.

From "The Wars of Kentucke" by Daniel Boone:

"My footsteps have been marked with blood. Two darling sons and a brother have I lost by savage hands. What thanks, what ardent and censeless thanks are due to that all superintending Providence which has turned a cruel war into peace. May the same Almighty Goodness banish the accursed monster, War, from all lands"

Note: Daniel Boone couldn't spell but certainly had full command of the English language. (It is said that his parents spoke beautiful English). His expression of thoughts in all of his letters is splendid. Many of his letters are now in the Congressional Library, Washington, DC.

At Boone's Station may be seen the rude limestone slabs erected by Boone himself on the graves of his brother, Edward; his son, Israel; and his nephew, Thomas Boone; the two latter were victims of the 2nd Battle of Blue Licks in 1782.

Note: All descendents of Edward Boone are eligible for membership in the patriotic organizations, S.A.R. and D.A.R. because of his service rendered to his country in repulsing the British and Indians in the 1st Battle of Blue Licks.

The children of Edward and Martha (Bryan) Boone were:

Mary, who married Peter Scholl
Sarah, who married William Hunter
Jane, born September 18, 1762; married Morgan Morgan, born September 10, 1760

In "Abstracts of Early Wills and Inventories": by J. Estelle King, I found the following abstract notation:

"Clark County, KY., dated May 12, 1793, Martha Boone bequeathed to the following children, George, Joseph, Charity, Jane Morgan, Mary Scholl, and Sarah Hunter (?)
John Morgan, Jr.

Note: The birth dates of Jane Morgan, September 18, 1762 and that of her husband, Morgan Morgan, September 10, 1760 were registered in my grandparents' (Evender Smith and Mary (Cunningham) Morgan) bible. My grandparents were second cousins, Evander Smith Morgan being the grandson of Morgan and Jane (Boone) Morgan. Mary Cunningham was the great granddaughter of Morgan and Jane (Boone) Morgan.

In this manuscript I am making note of all available data, hence the recording of the following regarding Sarah Boone, sister of Jane, obtained from "American Pioneer Records and The Boone Bulletin".

Sarah, daughter of Edward and Martha (Bryan) Boone married William Hunter. Their daughter, Polly, married James Hudgins, whose daughter, Kitty, married Charles Lowrey, whose daughter, Mary, married Dan. W. Young.

10. Squire Boone, II--born October 5, 1744; died in 1815; married Jane

Issue: Enoch born October 1765
Jonathan born 1766
Moses born 1769
Isaiah born 1772
Sarah born 1775
Morgan born 1778

11. Hannah--born August 1746; died 1826

Married 1st time to John Stewart or Stuart
2nd time to Richard Pennington

Issue: Daniel Pennington

At page 33, "Society of Colonial Wars" it is recorded that Squire Boone I, 1696-1765, served against the Catawba and Cherokee Indians on several occasions. He was justice for Rowen County, NC. This record establishes membership for Squire Boone's descendants to the Colonial Dames of America.

Squire Boone enlarged his farm by thrift. He continued his trade of weaving and kept 5 or 6 looms going making homespun cloth for the market and neighbors.

The Boones were prosperous and happy in Oley and it may be wondered why they left their farms and looms, both of which were profitable, and set their faces toward the unknown. It is recorded that though they were Quakers, they were of a high mettle and were not infrequently dealt with by the Meeting. Two of Squire Boone's children married "worldlings" --non-Quakers--and were, in consequence, disowned by the Society of Friends. In defiance of his sect which strove to make him sever all connection with his unruly offspring, Squire Boone refused to shut his door on the son and daughter who had scandalized local Quakers. The Society of Friends thereupon expelled him. This occured, apparently, in the winter of 1748/49. In the Spring of 1750 we see the whole Boone family (save two sons) with their wives and children, household goods and stock on the great highway bound for a land where the hot heart and beligerent spirit shall not be held amiss. They moved from Pennsylvania to Rowen County, N.C. Squire Boone died in his 65th year in 1764 and was buried in Rowen County at the fork of Yadkin River about ten miles above the fork on a place called Burning Rigg; his wife, Sarah (Morgan) Boone died in the 72nd year in 1776 and was buried beside her husband.

Author's note: Another record states that Squire and Sarah (Morgan ) Boone are buried in Joppa graveyard near Mocksville, N.C.

Jane Boone, born Sept. 18, 1762, died Dec 1, 1812, was the daughter of Edward and Martha (Bryan) Boone, granddaughter of Squire * and Sarah (Morgan) Boone. She married Morgan Morgan, born Sept 10, 1760 died Mar 18, 1835. (Ref Family Bible)

I have been unable to ascertain the blood relationship, if any, between Jane Boone and her husband, Morgan Morgan, because of lack of genealogical information on Morgan Morgan's family. However, I am of the opinion that there did exist a remote degree of blood relationship, because in my study of the various Morgan genealogies, I have observed that the earliest Morgan immigrants to this country came from Wales and a great many of them settled in the Welsh community of Pennsylvania, as did Edward Morgan, grandfather to Jane Boone who was the wife of Morgan Morgan.

From a manuscript which has long been preserved in our Morgan family records, I obtained the following date:

The Morgan family moved from Virginia to Kentucky and were among the first white settlers of that territory in about the year 1775 or 1780 and remained in Kentucky until 1800, thence removed to the Spanish Territory known as Louisiana and settled on Bluff Creek, now the Parish of East Feliciana. The family that came from Kentucky to Louisiana were as follows:

Two brothers, Morgan Morgan and John Morgan and two sisters, Sarah Morgan and Nancy Morgan.

Morgan Morgan married Jane Boone by which marriage he left the following heirs, to-wit:

1. William, who married: First, Mary Vardell, daughter of John Vardell who emigrated with the Morgan family from Kentucky;

Second, Name unknown

Issue: Morgan Morgan

Jane Morgan

2. George, born in 1792 and died without issue. (According to Bible record in possession of Mrs. Robt. L. Morgan, RFD 4, Baton Rouge, LA.)

3. Daniel, married three times, 1st wife was the widow of N.J. Nauls; second wife was Rachael Smith; third wife was Rachael Phelps.

Issue: by second marriage was: Eli
Evander Smith Morgan
Thomas Milton Morgan

Evander Smith Morgan was born Dec. 22, 1834, and died on November 8, 1878 of yellow fever. He was away from home when he contracted the dread disease and he crossed the Great Border without the tender care of his loving wife and family. Today he lies in an unmarked grave, spot unknown, near ----------, La. A monument was erected to his memory over an empty crypt by the side of his deceased wife in Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, LA. He married his second cousin, Mary Alice Cunningham (born July 26, 1838 died 1896) in Amite County, Miss., on August 26, 1856, daughter of Daniel Ambrose and Martha Kenner Cunningham.

The children of Evander Smith and Mary Alice (Cunningham) Morgan were:

1. Daniel Thomas
2. William E.
3. Charles C.
4. Mary Alice
5. Robert Lee
6. Thomas Oscar
7. Henry Arthur
8. Mattie
9. Evander Smith, Jr.

Note: Evander Smith Morgan, Captain Company G, 3rd (Wingfield) Louisiana Cavalry, entered June 5, 1862 at Greenville Springs, Miss.According to Federal rolls of prisoners of war, was captured at Port Hudson, LA on July 9, 18-5. Received at Ft. Columbus in New York Harbor, October 10, 1863. Forwarded to Johnston Island, Ohio, October 15, 1863. Transferred to Port Lookout, Md. from Ft Delaware, April 28, 1965. Released on oath in June 1865.

4. Charity, married Isaac Miller, no living heirs.

5. Elisabeth, married 1st; --------- Morgan from N.C. and left one son: Thomas Morgan. married 2nd: Jesse Sweeny and left one son: Hampton Sweeny

6. Marth married Livonah Kenner.

Issue: Martha, who married Daniel Ambrose Cunningham

Daniel Ambrose Cunningham was the son of Arthur and Mary ( Cunningham. He was born Sept 25, 1810 in New York very shortly after his parents had arrived in this country from Ireland. They took up residence in Baltimore, Md. Daniel Ambrose Cunningham came to Baton Rouge, La., about 1830. He was a contractor and bought and sold slaves. He had the following brothers and sisters: Isaac, John, Alexander, Richard, Robert, Joseph, Daniel, QUintin, Mary Bernice. According To Newspaper clipping, his brother Joseph died in East Providence, April 8, aged 66 years. He was one of the most prominent civil engineers, especially in railroad work, in the country. He commenced his profession as assistant engineer on the Baltimore and ohio Railroad. He also assisted in the engineering of Boston, Providence and Stenington Railroad and many others.

THe children of Daniel Ambrose Cunningham and Martha (Kenner) Cunningham were all girls:

Mary Alice who married Evander Smith Morgan
Alice who married ----------- Lee
Agnes who married William Sullivan
Verbena who married ? Barrier

7. Hannah, born 1797 (Bible record) died in 1821. Married Hiram Thacker of Kentucky.

8. Mary, born 1794 (Bible record) died in 1821. Married George McDuffy and removed to state of Kentucky and left 2 heirs. Names unknown.


Martha Bryan, wife of Edward Boone, was a daughter of Joseph and Alee ( ) Bryan of Virginia. Her grandfather, Morgan Bryan (born 1671 and no revious Morgan connection to indicate that he was given the name Morgan because of family ties) came to America in 1695 and here married Martha Strode in 1719, a descendant of sir William Strode one of the signers of the death warrant of King Charles I. From his brother came the great commoner, William Jennings Bryan.

The father of Morgan Bryan was Francis Bryan III, who married Sarah Brinker, a cousin of the Prince of Grange, and his father was William Smith Bryan, son of Sir Francis Bryan II(born 1649) and Ann, daughter of Sir William Smith. Sir Francis Bryan II, was a son of Sir Francis Bryan I and Lady Joan Fitz-Gerald, and he was a son of Sir Thomas Bryan and Lady Margaret, daughter of Sir Humphrey Bourchier and parents were Sir John Bourchier (Earl of Eire) and Lady Ann Plantagenet. This Lady Ann was a daughter of Thomas of Woodstock (Duke of Gloucester) and Lady Eleanor de Bohun (pronounced Boone and said to be the same family as the American Boones. Thomas of Woodstock was a son of Edward III, king of England and Phillips of Hainault.

Lady Margaret Bouchier, wife of Sir Thomas Bryan, was a cousin of Queen Ann Boleyn and was a great favorite at the glamorous court of Henry VIII, who had a predeliction for wives. She is said to have been very beautiful and most fascinating and her influence was so great and far-reaching that jealoous courtiers in their "whisperings" even suggested a "royal romance."

Copy of the Will of Marth Boone
recorded in Book 1, Page 7, Records
Clark Count, Ky., copied by
S.J. Conkwright, Winchester, KY.,
July 13, 1910 for:
Mrs. Roberta Stuart Sims,
319 Forest Avenue
Shreveport, La.


Will of Martha Boone of Clark County, and State of Kentucky.

Being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be to the Almighty God. I calling to mind the certainty of death and that all people once must assuredly die when it shall please God to call, do make, constitute, ordain and desire this to be my last will and testiment in the form and manner following and disannulling by these presents all and every testament and testaments and will and wills heretofore made by me either by word of mouth or writing and this only to be taken for my last will and testament and no other to be considered as my will,, intent or desire.

And as for what worldly goods and chattels it has pleased God to bless me with, shall be disposed of in form and manner following--

First. I do positively order that all just debts and ----------- I owe either by right or conscience to any person or persons should well and truly be paid or satisfied as soon as convenient after my decease by my son, George Boone.

Item -- I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Charity Elledge, all my right and interest in that tract or parcel of land on which she now lives, containing by estimation one hundred and twenty five acres or more or less, with all its appurtenances to hold in fee to her and her heirs forever.

Item -- I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Jane Morgan, my negro woman, Lilly.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my son, Joseph Boone, one sorrel filly, three years old and one young cow and calf.

Item -- I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Sarah Hunter, one sorrel mare, named Bow, and the colt to her son, Joseph Hunter.

Item -- I give and bequeath all my wearing apparel to my four daughters, they taking choice of garments by turn according to their age.

Item -- I give and bequeath to my son, George Boone, all the remainder of my lands, negroes, goods and chattels whatsoever, that is not mentioned.

Lastly, I do make constitute and appoint John Morgan, Jr. Executer of this my last will and testament and trustee for the same.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand seal, this the twelfth day of May, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand seven hundred and ninety three (1793)


Trustee - John Morgan
John Stetwell
William ?

At a court held for Clark County the 23rd day of July 1793, the last Will and Testament of Martha Boone, deceased, was proven by the oaths of John Morgan and John Stetwell. Witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded on the motion of John Morgan, Jr.


D. Bullock, CCC

We know that our forefather, Morgan Morgan, was accompanied to La. from Ky by his brother, John therefore, we have every reason to believe that the John Morgan, Jr., who was appointed executer of the last will and testament of Martha Boone, was the brother of Morgan Morgan.

The John Morgan who witnessed the will was evidently the father of John an Morgan Morgan. Examine the chart and you will see where Sarah Morgan married Squire Boone in 1720. They were the grandparents of our Jane Boone Morgan (wife of Morgan Morgan who came to La.) Sarah Morgan Boone had a brother John who married Sarah Lloyd. If our Morgan Morgan and his brother John were descendants of John Morgan, brother to Sarah Morgan Boone, then Jane Boone Morgan was related to her husband, Morgan Morgan.


Soldiers in the


American Revolution


Sponsored by the Morgan Family Club

Welcome to the Morgan Family Club's History section devoted to all the Morgan men who served in the Colonial Militias and Continental Army in their struggle for freedom during the American Revolutionary War for Independence.

We shall try to list every known Morgan who served in the military forces during the war. If you have information or records on a Morgan ancestor who served in the war, please send us xerox copies or the information to preserve in the Family Library.

This site is sponsored by the Morgan Family Club, a national family club devoted to gathering and preserving the family history of all Morgan families.

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Explanation of terms:

B. = born
Ch = children
BLW = bounty land warrant (land given to a veteran for their military service)
Mar. = married


Morgan soldiers in the American Revolutionary War

Pennsylvania Militia. Served as a Surgeon, Pa. Militia; d. 1785

Virginia Militia. Born 10 Oct., 1762 in Fauquier Co., VA. Died 29 Sep., 1841 in Tennessee. Lived in Culpeper Co., VA. when he enlisted in the Virginia Militia. In 1791, he moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA.; in the fall of 1798, he returned to Fauquier Co. for 2 years, then moved to Culpeper Co. for 5 yrs, then moved to South Carolina where he lived for 18 yrs. He then moved to Madison Co., Ala. to live with his children. He later moved to Davidson Co., TN. He applied for a pension there in 1832. Private, Virginia Militia, $22.22 Annual Allowance $66.66 Amount Received August 2 1833 Pension Started Age 72 (1835 TN Pension Roll)

Virginia Militia. Born 25 Dec., 1760 in Philadelphia Co., PA. He lived in Berkeley Co., VA. when he enlisted in the Virginia Militia. He mar. Ann Ellis 18 July, 1783 at Hagerstown, MD. Ch included John, Phebe, Moses, Aaron, Jesse, Elis, Nancy, Eleanor, Benjamin Jr., James R. and Hannah. Benjamin Sr. died 24 Feb., 1836. His widow applied for a pension in 1842 while living in Monroe Co., VA.

Virginia Militia. Served as a private in the VA. Militia; on the 1782 Elk Creek Militia list and on Flower Swift's 1st, 2nd and 35d undate militia rosters. Received a BLW in Apr., 1790.

Virginia Militia and Continental Army. Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) was born near Junction, in Hunterdon County NJ. He worked as a teamster and served in that capacity on Gen. Edward Braddock's disastrous expedition in 1755. During and after the French and Indian War he was an Indian fighter. After the outbreak of the American Revolution, Morgan was commissioned captain of a rifle company by Congress. He accompanied Gen. Benedict Arnold on the difficult march to Quebec in 1775. On December 31, Morgan led a heroic attack against overwhelming odds on the inner defense of Quebec city before being repulsed. Forced to surrender, he was held prisoner until the fall of 1776. Congress then commissioned him Colonel of a Virginia regiment. Morgan subsequently organized 500 sharpshooters who fought well again Gen. John Burgoyne in the crucial battles at Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights in 1777. Poor health and dissatisfaction with Congress caused Morgan to leave active service, but he returned in 1780. On January 17, 1781, he won a brilliant victory over the British at the Cowpens, in South Carolina. Morgan then returned to his estate near Millwood, Virginia. In 1794, he commanded the Virginia militia as it helped put down the Whiskey Rebellion. He served as a Federalist in the United States House of Representatives from 1797 to 1799. He died in Winchester, Virginia, on July 6, 1802. Source: University of South Carolina History Dept. 1936

Virginia Militia. Served as a private in the VA. Militia. Received a BLW in Aug., 1790.

Virginia Militia and Continental Army. Born in County Derry, Ireland in 1736; camt to America in early life with father. Served as a Brigadier General in the Continental Line.

Maryland Militia. A BLW was issued to his brother Nathaniel Morgan. Nathaniel applied for a BLW in 1826, at the age of 80, while living in Greene Co., OH. Morgan Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan were witnesses to his application.

Pennsylvania Militia. Stroudsburg, Pa. 1827

EVAN MORGAN Pennsylvania Militia and Virginia Militia. Enlisted at Tomlinson's Tavern in what is now Allegany Co., MD. He later served under Capt. Morgan Morgan. Applied for pension in 1832 while living in Monongalia Co., VA. at age 79.

Pennsylvania Militia. Moved to Guernsey County, Ohio; was 75 years old in 1834.

Virginia Militia. Lived in Halifax Co., VA. when he enlisted in the VA Militia. He mar. Mary Thompson on 29 Oct., 1774 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He died in Mar., 1795. His widow moved in 1817 or 1818 to Rowan Co., NC, that part which later became part of Davie Co. She applied there in 1837 at age 87, for a pension. Ch were Mary Haynes, Haynes, Mary Thompson and Elizabeth Laurance Morgan.

North Carolina Militia and Virginia Militia. Born 7 Dec., 1758 in either Rowan or Guilford Co., NC. He lived in Guilford Co. when he enlisted in the NC Militia. He later moved to Montgomery Co., VA. and enlisted in the VA. Militia; listed on Flower Swift's 1st, 2nd and 3rd undated militia rosters (men from southwestern Virginia). He lived there 16 yrs, then moved to Grainger Co. TN. Where he lived 11 yrs. He then moved to Warren Co., KY. for 4 yrs, then moved to Logan Co., KY., living there 5 yrs before moving to White Co., IL. He was living there in 1832 when he applied for a pension and died there 22 Feb., 1849. Mar. Susanna (Susan) Poe in Sep., 1785 in Montgomery Co., Va. Widow applied for pension in 1851 at age 86.

North Carolina Militia. Born 26 Apr., 1760 in Baltimore Co., MD. He lived in Randolph Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia.He later moved to Guilford Co., NC and enlisted there. He applied for a pension in 1834 while living in Yancey Co., NC.

North Carolina Militia. Born 1 Apr., 1758 in Anson Co., NC. He lived in Mecklenburg Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia. He later moved to Caswell Co., NC, then to Washington Co., Va. and then to Lee Co., Va., then to Knoxville, TN., then to Pulaski Co., KY., then to White Co., TN, then to Franklin Co., TN., then to Marion Co., TN. He applied there for a pension in 1836. By 1844, he had moved to Coffee Co., TN. He died 12 Oct., 1851 in Tippah Co., MS. He mar. Naomi (mnuk) near Monticello, Wayne Co., KY. in 1806. His pension applications stated his oldest son was killed in the Florida Indian War (Second Seminole War). In 1844, he said his children were living in middle TN. and in 1848, he said a son and some daughters were living. His widow applied for a pension in 1858 aged about 67. She died in Tippah Co. in 1865 at the home of a daughter, Nancy, wife of William Kincaid who was the only surviving child left in 1874. His pension records mention brothers John and Mark Morgan.

Pennsylvania Militia and Virginia Militia. Born 5 Apr., 1748 in Frederick Co., Va. Lived in Monongalia Co., Va. when he enlisted in the VA. Militia. He lived in Morgantown, VA. until 1820, then moved to IL. He applied for a pension in 1835 while living in Vermillion Co., IL. He died there 1 Mar., 1840. Ch. were referred to but not named. His pension records in 1834 mention Zackquill Morgan, age 76, Evan Morgan, age 81 and David P. Morgan, a justice of the peace, all of Monongalia Co., Va. Zackquill and Evan were both Rev. Soldiers.

South Carolina Militia. Born 9 Mar., 1760 on the James River, VA. He lived in Fairfield Co., SC when he enlisted in the SC Militia. He latr moved to Warren Co., Ga., then to Franklin Co., TN., then to Perry Co., AL., where he applied for a pension in 1833. He moved to McNairy Co., TN. About 1842 to live with his ch. In 1842, James H. Morgan was a witness in McNairy Co. for his pension application.

Virginia Militia. Mar. Anne Forrest on 16 Sep., 1790 in Goochland Co., Va. He died 6 Mar., 1830. Widow applied for pension in 1839 at age 71 while living in Matthews Co., Va.

Maryland Militia. Served as a private in the MD Militia. Applied for a BLW in Jan., 1794.

Maryland Militia. Born 22 Sep., 1761 in St. Marys Co., MD. He moved when young to Dorchester Co., MD. And lived there when he enlisted in the MD Militia. About 1799, he moved to KY. In 1832, he applied for a pension while living in Oldham Co., KY. At the time, his twin brother Thomas Morgan was still living. John died 1 July, 1840.

Maryland Militia. Enlisted at Fredericktown, MD in the MD Militia. He applied for a pension in 1825 at age about 58. He was married and had an adopted child.

North Carolina Militia. Born in NC and lived in Chatham Co. when he enlisted. He later moved to Onslow Co., NC and enlisted there. After the war, he moved to Tippah Co., MS, where several of his ch had moved. He applied for a pension in 1833 while living in Fayette Co., AL., aged about 70. He died 15 Aug., 1844.

North Carolina Militia. He mar. Ruth Stallings in 1771 in Nash Co., NC. He died 15 May, 1837, aged 88. His widow applied for a pension in 1844 while living in Nash Co.; application made before Evan H. Morgan. Ch included William B., Nancy, John, James (*8th ch) and at least 4 others.

North Carolina Militia and Virginia Militia. Born 24 June, 1754 in Culpeper Co., VA. He lived in Surry Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia. After the war, he lived for 3 yrs in Montgomery Co., VA; then moved to Warren Co., TN., where he applied for a pension in 1834. He died 8 Jan., 1835.

Pennsylvania Militia. After the war, he moved to Greene Co., TN., where he applied for a pension in 1818. In 1820, he was aged 81, with a wife Letia, aged 45, sons Stephen, aged 14 and Zachariah, age 7, living at home. Private, Pennsylvania Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance $1450.13 Amount Received April 1 1819 Pension Started Age 74 (1835 TN Pension Roll)

Virginia Militia. Born in 1758 in Gloucester Co., VA. where he lived when he enlisted in the VA Militia. He applied for a pension in 1832. His brother William was mentioned in the application.

Virginia Militia. Born in Mecklenburg Co., VA. He mar. Sarah Chamblin in Apr., 1803. He died 10 June, 1833. His widow applied for a pension in 1853 at age 70.

Virginia Militia. Born in VA., son of William Morgan and his 1st wife. He lived in Fauquier Co., VA. when he enlisted in the VA Militia. Applied for a BLW in 1834. His older brother Charles moved to KY. in 1783 and died in 1822 in Muhlenberg Co., KY., leaving ch. Willis of KY. Elizabeth who mar. a Morton, Anne who mar. Armistead Morehead, John, Rosanna who mar. a Tapp, Lucinda, who mar. a Tarnes, William (who had 4 ch in 1822).

Virginia Militia. While he was in the militia during the war, he mar. Susannah Hrdin. After his death, she applied for a pension in 1837 at age 102. She lived in Warren Co., Va. They had 5 ch.

Virginia Militia. Born 24 Aug., 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA., son of Nathaniel Morgan. He moved with his father as a child to Montgomery Co., VA. where he lived when he enlisted in the VA. Militia; on Flower Swift's 1st undated militia roster of men from southwesten Virginia. After the war, he moved to Wythe Co., VA.; in 1795, he moved to Fayette Co., KY. and in 1802, moved to Cumberland Co., KY. He applied for a pension there in 1833.

North Carolina Militia. Born in Cecil Co., Maryland. He lived in Rowan Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia. He mar. Naomi Pool, dau. Of Jacob Pool, there in Jan., 1779. He applied for a pension in 1832 in Rowan Co. He died 16 Oct., 1842. Ch named were James, (another ch but the paper is torn here), Elizabeth and another name torn off the record.

Virginia Militia. Born 22 Oct., 1752 in Delaware. He lived in VA. when he enlisted in the VA. Militia. He was listed on Osborn's Montgomery County Militia (for the area which later became Grayson and Carroll Counties) rosters for 2 Apr 1783 and 1785. Two years after the war, he moved to Georgia for 8 yrs then moved to South Carolina for 3 yrs then moved to KY. for 2 yrs then to Indiana in 1812. He applied for a pension in 1832 while living in Switzerland Co., IN.

North Carolina Militia. He died 12 Nov., 1829. He mar. Polly (mnuk) in NC, 1 Sept., 1779. She died 30 Apr., 1828. Their son Wiley D. Morgan applied for a pension in 1854 in Whitfield Co., GA. at age 60.

Georgia Militia. He later moved to KY. Jesse Peters was executor of his estate in Washington Co., KY. in 1842.

Virginia Militia. Mar. Mary (???) in July 1777. He died Feb 1817 in Bedford Co., VA. Widow applied for pension in 1839 at age 83, while living i Franklin Co., VA.

North Carolina Militia and South Carolina Militia. Born 1755 or 1756 in Maryland. He lived in Duplin Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia. He lived in South Carolina for 10 yrs, then moved to Robeson Co., NC. for 10 - 12 years, then moved to Richmond Co., NC. He applied there for a pension in 1832. He died 32 Oct., 1835.

Maryland Militia. He was a son of Edward Morgan who died in Harford Co., MD. He applied for a pension in Harford Co. in 1818. In 1820, he had no family living with him; a son lived in Baltimore.

North Carolina Militia. Born Nov 1760, son of William Morgan Sr. Mar. Mary Shelton
about 1786 in Chatham Co., NC and soon afterwards moved to Oglethorpe Co., Ga. where they lived for 14 yrs, then moved to Jackson Co., Ga. They had 9 ch: Nancy, Penelope, Mary, Catherine, James, William, Elizabeth, John and one child who died young. Robert died in Mar., 1827 in Jackson Co. His dau. Penelope made an affidavit in Jackson Co. in 1853 stating her father was the son of William and Joyce Morgan and listed William's children and births as William Jr., Robert and one other ch whose name cannot be read on the record.

Virginia Militia. Served as a Captain in the Virginia Militia. He was wounded in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. He mar. Elizabeth Pickett 28 Mar 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA. She was the dau. Of Capt. William Pickett. He later became the Adjutant General of Virginia and held that rank when he died in Fauquier Co. 6 July 1810. He received a disability pension in 1808. His widow later moved to Fleming Co., KY. and applied for a pension there in 1839 at age 73. She was living with her son, Colonel D. Morgan, who was a member of the Kentucky State Senate. She was living there in 1843. Another son, Charles W. Morgan was a Captain in the US Navy in 1839.

North Carolina Militia. He enlisted in the NC Militia in Rowan Co., NC He married Nancy Mason 20 Jan 1813 in Robertson Co., TN. He died 18 Aug 1844 in DeSoto Co., MS. His widow applied for a pension in 1875 in Madison Co., TN at age 85. Ch were Lucretia Morgan, Henry H. Morgan, Theophilus B. Morgan, Bryant C. Morgan, (1 ch name cannot be read), Thomas J. Morgan, Perry M. Morgan and Nancy E. Morgan.

Maryland Militia. Born 22 Sep 1761 in St. Marys Co., MD. When he was very young, he moved with his faher to Dorchester Co., MD where he enlisted in the MD Militia. He lived there until age 45, when he moved to KY. He applied for a pension in 1832 in Oldham Co., KY. His twin brother John also lived there in 1833 and also served in the Revolutionary War.

Virginia Militia and North Carolina Militia. Born in Bedford Co., Va. He lived in Botetourt Co., VA. and served in the VA Militia before moving to Washington Co., NC in 1779, to that part which later became part of Greene Co., TN., where he also enlisted in the NC Militia. He applied for a pension while living in Greene Co. in 1833 at age 82. Fought under Capts. Doherty and Jacob Brown in Tennessee as early as 1779.

Virginia Militia. He had lived in Baltimore, MD, then moved to Williamsburg, VA where he lived when he enlisted in the VA Militia. After the war, he moved to Harrison Co., OH., where he applied for a pension in 1833 at age 80.

North Carolina Militia. He lived in Guilford Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia. He served under Capt. John Morgan. He moved to Grainger Co., TN., where he applied for a pension in 1833 at age 72. Private, North Carolina Line, $30.00 Annual Allowance $75.00 Amount Received October 18 1833 Pension Started Age 73 (1835 TN Pension Roll)

North Carolina Militia. He lived in Edgecombe Co., NC when he enlisted in the NC Militia and was still living there in 1832 when he applied for a pension at age 68.

North Carolina Militia. Was living in Brunswick Co., NC when he applied for a pension in 1818.

North Carolina Militia. Was living in Craven Co., NC in 1819 when he applied for a pension. His wife was dead and he had 5 grown ch.

Virginia Militia. Born 1762 in Gloucester Co., VA. and lived there when he enlisted in the VA Militia. He applied for a pension in 1832 and lived in Mathews Co., Va. He still lived there in 1840 and stated a brother James had died in 1839. Also stated John Morgan's birthdate was recorded in the same book that had been burned.

Virginia Militia. Lived in Culpeper Co., VA. when he enlisted. He applied for a BLW in 1819 when living in Shelby Co., KY. In 1820, he had a wife and 5 daughters age 10 to 16 and another dau. with her 3 small ch living with him (her husband had deserted her). He later moved to Indiana and then moved back to Shelby Co., KY by 1837. The BLW was issued to him in 1833.

Flower Swift's 1st and 2nd Undated Militia Roster.

Virginia Militia and Pennsylvania Militia. Born 8 Sep 1758 in Frederick Co., VA. and lived in Mongalia Co., VA. when he enlisted in the VA Militia. Mar. Sina (Cina) West 18 Sep., 1794 in Mongalia Co. He applied for a pension in 1832. He died there 27 Feb., 1834. His widow applied for a pension in in 1849 in Marion Co., Va. Ch included Stephen H., Sally, Mary, Malinda, Katherine, Rebecca, John Parimount, David James, Samuel Moran and Elizabeth.

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