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          Welcome to the website of the Danube Swabian Association of the USA.  We are in the 21st century and we must think in more modern terms and facilitate the most modern utilities available to us. This website will give our local organizations the opportunity to communicate in the most cost effective, fastest and most far reaching ways with the rest of the world. Our website may be viewed as a tool. Use it often and enthusiastically, because only through usage will the financial outlay and our efforts be justifiable.

Leo Mayer


Danube Swabian Association of the USA

Theo Junker gestorben

Theodor Junker Obituary




Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA



Robert Filippi


Verband der Donauschwaben, USA

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Verband der Donauschwaben, USA

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"Nur der ist seiner Ahnen wert, der ihre Sitten treu verehrt"

"Only he is worthy of his ancestors, whose customs he truly honors."


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