Donauschwaben in den USA

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Hello Danube Swabian Researchers,

Ulrich Kirschnick assembled quite a few online Family Books, this time
Hessian Evangelical localities  where most of our settlers to the Swabian
and Batchka originated.

Liane Falzboden kindly posted it on Donauschwaben-L list.

Happy researching,


2011 February 17

So far there art 263 online-FB at

To all those hardworking volunteers our greatest thanks! - Rosina

* Beedenkirchen <>
* Staffel <>
* Wurzelbach <>
* Seeheim-Jugenheim <>
* Nieder-Modau <>  - Ansiedler in
* Ober-Modau <>
* Ober-Ramstadt <>   - Ansiedler
in Tscherwenka
* Frankenhausen (M?hltal) <>
Knickhagen (Fuldatal) <>  (34233),
Wilhelmshausen (Fuldatal) <>  (34233),
Holzhausen (Immenhausen) <>  (34376), Wabern
<>  (34590), Niedergirmes
<>  (35576), A?lar
<>  (35614), Werdorf
<>  (35614), Naunheim
<>  (35584), Lahnau
<>  (35633), Edingen
<>  (35764), Leidhecken/Wetterau
<>  (61197), Bingenheim/Wetterau
<>  (61209), Bad Orb
<>  (63619), Wallernhausen/Wetterau
<>  (63667), Seeheim-Jugenheim
<>  (64342), Frankenhausen
<>  (64367 M?hltal), Nieder-Modau
<>  (64372 Ober-Ramstadt), Ober-Modau
<>  (64372 Ober-Ramstadt), Ober-Ramstadt
<>  (64372), Klein-Gumpen
<>  (64385 Reichelsheim), Laudenau
<>  (64385 Reichelsheim), Allertshofen
<>  (64397 Modautal), Asbach
<>  (64397 Modautal), Ernsthofen
<>  (64397 Ernsthofen), Herchenrode
<>  (64397 Modautal), Hoxhohl
<>  (64397 Modautal), Neunkirchen
<>  (64397 Modautal), Neutsch
<>  (64397 Modautal), Brandau
<>  (64397 Modautal), Klein Bieberau
<>  (64397 Modautal), Webern
<>  (64397 Modautal), Gro?-Bieberau
<>  (64401), Rodau
<>  (64401 Gro?-Bieberau), Winterkasten
<>  (64678 Lindenfels), Beedenkirchen
<>  (64686 Lautertal), Staffel
<>  (64686 Lautertal), Wurzelbach
<>  (64686 Lautertal), L?tzelbach
<>  (64397 Modautal)

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