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Dr. Konstantin "Ted" & Zita Siegmund


Dr. K. “Ted” Siegmund and his wife Zita

Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Photo taken in 1988




        There are many “unsung heroes” among the thousands of Donauschwaben scattered throughout 4 continents.  They are working quietly to keep alive their local Societies, writing poems, songs, books, filming their grandparents’ stories of life in the Camps for viewing on FaceBook or a Web Site - knowing full well, if they don’t tell the Story, no one will.  “Heimatliebe” (the love of the Homeland) is still strong; and despite the gratitude to their new homes and new countries, their hearts still dream of the Danube Lands they were forced to leave.  One such Unsung Hero was Dr. Siegmund.  Allow me to give you a brief, but belated Obituary tribute.


   I received a telephone call from Ted in 1984, probably Frank Schmidt referred him to me.  He was excited to know that a woman in Australia had written a book, in English, about her experience in Mitrovitca - one of the larger Camps in Yugoslavia.  He begged me to find any others and offered to buy 20 to 50 copies of each of them to send to University Libraries in the U.S. and Canada.  Well, who could say “no” to such a generous offer?  I met Traudie Muller Wlossak at the home of Mike Stoeckl in Chicago.  She had brought with her 100 copies of her book.  So with Mike, Dr. Siegmund, Traudie and Frank Schmidt (all from Kernei) we got to work.  The good doctor sent the  money for the books and the mailing costs: The Whip, My Homecoming (Traudie’s); In the Claws of the Red Dragon by Father Wendelin Gruber; The Innocent must Pay by Maria Horwath Tenz; Danube Swabian People with Portable Roots by Katherine Stenger Frey.  We also obtained Nemesis at Potsdam by Professor Alfred de Zayas.


   Mailing the books (mostly to Universities with East European Studies Departments) was my assignment.  These were the only books available at the time (in English) on the Camps and Expulsions.  Sadly, we learned that some of the Nemesis books (by de Zayas) mysteriously disappeared.  This was in the same time Libraries had not yet used micro-chips to keep such things from happening - OR, there may be other reasons they were taken.


   Not wishing to be responsible for such large amounts of money - I sent the Doctor all the receipts of purchases and especially, all of the acknowledgements from the Acquisition Departments of the Libraries.  He did not require proof of purchases, but I felt more comfortable with providing him with proper fiscal reports to show how his money was spent.  His wife kindly put all of the Acknowledgements into a neat Binder - and I wonder where it is now.


   We have learned (I think, last year) that Dr. Siegmund and his wife, were generous and thoughtful enough, and trusting, to leave instructions to bequeath a very large sum of money to be divided by the U.S. and Canadian Associations (the Landesverband).  He would be thrilled to know that the book by Adam Mueller Guttenbrunn (The Great Swabian Migration) was recently superbly translated and published and is now selling well.  I believe (excuse me, if I’m wrong, that the cost of this project was met by the Stiftung.)


   Traudie and I often talked (on the telephone, not Skype, or -email, in those days) and hoped that someday his dedication would be acknowledged by a Dr. K. Siegmund Literary Scholarship or something akin to that title.


   I must add, that I was personally shocked and surprised to find a large carton on my porch one day - a shipment from Germany of 300 copies of Traudi’s book, now translated into German - and in hard cover, and a call from Ted a few days later, explaining: “please sell what you can and send the money to Traudie”.  We were able to sell 200 and donated the remainder to the Stiftung to do with as they wished - in other words, she gifted them to the Foundation.


   I will never know if Ted’s generosity was acknowledged in is lifetime, but he was so modest, never asking for a thank you.  For all those of you who knew him and those who did not - this is my “Thank You” on behalf of all of us (I must say, I was curious to see how much he had spent for all those 300 books.  Of course, he would never tell, but Zita did, very quietly, and it was close to $10,000.00!!!)  Oh yes, he certainly deserves a scholarship named after him.  What do you think?


Eva E. Koehler

(Still a Danubian)

Dr. Konstantin Siegmund Memorial Award


Awarded to students entering the 3rd year of the B.Sc.N. program who demonstrate kindness, caring, and compassion when dealing with patients and their families in all circumstances, and demonstrates financial need.*

DR. KONSTANTIN SIEGMUND MEMORIAL AWARD – 2 bursaries available in the amount up to $4,000 each

Awarded to two full-time students currently in their 3rd Year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, Pembroke Campus.

Award Criteria: The applicant must demonstrate the following criteria:

• Student must demonstrate financial need;

• Student should exhibit kindness, caring and compassion when dealing with patients and their families in all circumstances.

Adela Zita Siegmund Obituary

August 27, 1914 to September 5th 2010

  SIEGMUND, Adela Zita - Peacefully at Marianhill on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 in her 97th year. Adela Zita Siegmund (nee Radicevic) of Pembroke, beloved wife of the late Dr.Konstantin "Ted" Siegmund. Visitation at the Neville Funeral Home, 491 Isabella Street, Pembroke on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 after 9 a.m. Funeral Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Pembroke on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at 11 a.m., followed by cremation. Online Condolences may be left at

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