Donauschwaben in den USA

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American Flag Etiquette.


Official Flags of the United States



The Betsy Ross Flag

The First United States Flag 13 stars

The Star Spangled Banner, the 15 Star Flag

The 1818 Flag, the 20 Star Flag

The 21-Star Flag

The 23-Star Flag

The 24-Star Flag

The 25-Star Flag

The 26-Star Flag

The 27-Star Flag

The 28-Star Flag

The 29-Star Flag

The 30-Star Flag

The 31-Star Flag

The 32-Star Flag

The 33-Star Flag

The 34-Star Flag

The 35-Star Flag

The 36-Star Flag

The 37-Star Flag

The 38-Star Flag

The 43-Star Flag

The 44-Star Flag

The 45-Star Flag

The 46 Star Flag

The 48 Star Flag



The 49 Star Flag


The 50 Star Flag


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The State Flags of the United States

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