Donauschwaben in den USA

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Historic Presentations

The Donauschwaben

Our Ancestors, Homeland, Life and Leidensweg

An Historic Presentation in Word and Pictures

By Hans Kopp

Donauschwaben Part_I

Our Ancestors

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Donauschwaben Part_I (German Version)

Donauschwaben Part_II


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Donauschwaben Part_II (German Version)

Donauschwaben Part_III

Our Life

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Donauschwaben Part_III (German Version)

Donauschwaben Part_IV


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Donauschwaben Part_IV (German Version)

Lenau Park I_6

Lenau Park

Heim der Donauschwaben, Cleveland Ohio

Part I

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Lenau Park II_6

Lenau Park

Heim der Donauschwaben, Cleveland Ohio

Part II

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Weltdachverband Tanzwettbewerb_5

2008 Weltdachverband Treffen

2008 Landestrachtenfest mit Tanzwettbewerb

Cleveland, Ohio

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          I am dedicating this Picture series Part I, Part II and Part III to our ancestors, the settlers, who left their home in Germany to provide a better future for their children and who endured enormous hardships made many sacrifices while doing this. To the men and women who created a paradise in an arid land with the sweat of their brows. When you look at these pictures in Part III, you will realize the back-breaking work our ancestors brought forth to provide a comfortable life for their children, their families.

          I am dedicating Part IV to my parents, who were among the seventy-three thousand Donauschwaben deported to Russia for 5 Years. To all your children and my children, Birgitt and Robert, and to the generations to come, as a lasting document of the suffering and hardship their ancestors had to endure during the post war years of World War II before they could reach freedom.  I sincerely hope that they will understand the value of freedom and uphold it should it ever become necessary.

          I dedicate these pictures to all the survivors of this genocide, in particular, to all the women, especially to the grandmothers, the real heroines of the death camps who carried all the burdens. My admiration goes to all of them. I dedicate this picture collection to all those innocent victims, who no longer can tell their stories, among them my grandmother, who were forgotten and left to die merely because they were Germans.

          Last, but not least, I dedicate this picture collection to my wife, Annemarie, who helped me with her love and understanding while I wrote of these painful times.

          During the desperate period of World War II there were many gruesome atrocities committed by numerous societies against one another, none of which were justified or excusable. What is also inexcusable is that some of these atrocities have been de-emphasized, ignored or forgotten, as in the case of the post atrocities against the Donauschwaben in Communist Yugoslavia. Part IV is intended to serve as a reminder of what their families had to suffer through because of politics. There is no greater crime than shattering the life of a family.

  The crime against the German population in Southeast Europe, during which one third of the Donauschwaben population exposed to the Tito Partisans in Communist Yugoslavia perished, must also be considered among one of the worst crimes against humanity in the 20th Century. What saddens and disturbs me is that none of the war criminals that were responsible for the atrocities were ever brought to justice for their crimes, including Marshall Tito and his advisors, who signed an agreement into law that all Germans must be eliminated, an agreement in short known as “AVNOJ”, that took all of our rights to exist. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this agreement still exists in the Yugoslavian laws of today. It is imperative that we look at all cases of genocide regardless of who committed them or upon whom they were committed, so that we may be able to avoid such tragedies in the future.  Life is too precious to waste and no man has the right to assume he has the right to take another man’s life.


Hans Kopp

A survivor of the death camp, Gakowa

Photographs and Videos

Courtesy of Hans Kopp

Schwabzuege Jaeger ganzes Bild

Heimatkirche Sentiwan

Historische Siedlungsgebiete der Donauschwaben

Europa bevor WWI

Europa nach WWI

Kreuz Erde Blumen




Lenau Park

Lobby View Balcony

Lenau Park


Lenau Park


2008 Trachtenfest


Trachtenfest Logo

2008 Trachtenfest

Ungarndeutsche Babarc


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