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Vorsitzende der Heimatortsgemeinschaften (HOG)
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Heute aber geht es nicht mehr,
die Dörfer werden bald schwabenleer.
Die Arbeit hat sich nicht bewährt,
der Schwabenzug geht umgekehrt.
Man bekommt nichts, wenn man geht,
wie hat die Zeit sich doch verdreht !
Wenn jemand fort will, muß er geben,
was er verdient sein ganzes Leben.
Und will er nicht lange gedulden,
macht er sich sogar noch schulden,
an denen er lange zu zahlen hat,
dabei denkt er oft an sein Banat.

But today things are no longer the same,
  the villages will soon be emptied of Schwabs.
  The task has not proven its worth,
  the Schwaben migration is being reversed.
  One gets nothing when he leaves,
  how times have changed!
  If one wishes to go, he must give up
  what he has earned in his lifetime.
  And if he has no patience,
  he will even go into debt,
  for which he will pay for a long time,
  while thinking often about his Banat.


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National Minorities in Romania

Commemorative Pages of the Neupanat Parish 1787-1937

A Survey of the Status of the German Minority in Romania (1918-1950)* 

 * A version of this paper, entitled Minoritarians, Equals, Guilty. A Survey Concerning the Status of the German Minority in Romania (1918-1950), coordinated by prep. drd. Silvana Rachieru, was presented and granted a prize at the IIIrd Civic Education Project Conference Legacies and Challenges in Europe, Bucharest, March 9-11, 2001.

The North Dakota death index is available at the following address:

Arbeitskreis Donauschwäbischer Familienforscher e.V. Der AKdFF wurde am 18. Oktober 1975 in Sindelfingen gegründet.


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