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Forwarded by Elizabeth Bowers



1898 Morlock-Büchler 'Pichler' Family

1919 Family Klein

 Wedding Elizabeth and Lawrence 1918 


     The oldest photo is dated 1898:  Starting with the baby on lap, my Grandmother Elizabeth Büchler (Pichler) born 1898, sitting on her mother's lap, Rosina Morlock Pichler born 1875, older woman seated to left might likely be Rosina's mother Elisabeth Ruprich Morlock born 1850, boy standing in front is Pankraz Büchler (Pichler) Elizabeth's brother born 1895 , and standing in middle back is Katharina Morlock (Rosina's sister) born 1879.

     Photo man, woman, baby:   Jakob Pichler born 1902 and Katharina Eggi Pichler born 1901, baby is thought to be Anton Pichler, born 1928.

     Elisabeth Pichler standing alone abt age 13-14, so possibly 1936-37

     Photo of woman, young girl and boy is:   Katharina Eggi Pichler, daughter Elisabeth Pichler born 1924 and Anton Pichler born 1928.  By this date, Jakob had died.  Date of photo estimated 1935-36


Büchler Family undated 20's 30's

With baby Tony or Eliz

 Elisabeth Büchler (Pichler) 

abt age 14 1932

Pichler Family

Anton, Elisabeth, Katharina (mother)

Parabutsch ca 1935


Elisabeth Pichler abt 1936 ( Anton's sister)


     Elizabeth Büchler knew Laurence (Lorenz) Klein in Parabutsch.  They immigrated at different times but met again at a German dance hall we think in Philadelphia, married in 1918 and had Theresia Rosena Klein in 1919, living in Trenton, New Jersey their entire lives.  Laurence was a barber in the Chambersburg area of Trenton.


     All born Parabutsch.  I would love to hear from anyone who might have known these families through comments on website.


Elizabeth Bowers






Mock German Wedding 1936

 Tony and Eva and Roses June 1953 



     I've also added this photo from 1936 in Trenton, showing a "Mock German" wedding.  My mother, Theresia Rosena Klein, is on right in photo of the two Fräuleins and just to left of the "bride".  Others in the photo remain unidentified.  Maybe the sign "Georges Beverages" could help identify where exactly this took place?

     I have included a photo in June of 1953 of Anton Büchler (the little boy in the older Parabutsch photo) and his wife Eva Stiller who was born in Bukin, daughter of Katharina Pfuhl and Josef Stiller..   Anton and Eva are still living!



Büchler 'Pichler' family in Parabutsch 1932-33

seated L-R Elisabeth, grandfather Pankraz, 

Jakob, Anton,

standing Katharina Eggi Büchler

Eva Stiller Communion, Bukin, abt 1938

with her parents Katharina Pfuhl Stiller and Josef Stiller.

Parabutsch 'Paripas' village old postcard




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