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von Süd-Kalifornien



The German-American Brass Band of Southern California

          is the main performing activity of the Alemannia Music Foundation. It is an ensemble of over 20 musicians from varied ethnic and musical backgrounds. The musicians come from all over the Southern California area with various musical experiences, from high school students to professional musicians.


          The band maintains an extensive library of authentic German, Austrian, Swiss, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Roumanian, and Danube-Swabian music, as well as music from other countries and areas. It supports music education and appreciation by giving the participating musicians the opportunity to study this music and perform the music as an ensemble. The band supports public education by performing for the public at events sponsored by civic and cultural organizations.


          The band was founded in 1962 by Mr. Hans Schmelzer who continues to be active with the band today and serves as Kapellmeister Emeritus. The band has long been a favorite at numerous ethnic festivals, including the annual German Day sponsored by the German-American League and the annual Oktoberfest sponsored by the Montrose-Verdugo Chamber of Commerce.






Ernie Star

Kapellmeister Emeritus

Hans Schmelzer

Contact Information


(440) 235-2646


Ernie Star, AMF President

Mailing Address

Alemannia Music Foundation, Inc.
20555 Devonshire St. #172
Chatsworth, CA  91311

2009 Corporate & Organizational Sponsors

Donauschwaebische Vereinigung, Los Angeles

Downey Brewing Co., Downey

Episcopal Church of the Messiah, Santa Ana

German-American League, Inc., Ltd., Torrance

LA Oktoberfest, Los Angeles

Montrose-Verdugo Chamber of Commerce

Old World Restaurant & Beer Garden, Huntington Beach

St. Stephan Church, Los Angeles

Visitation Church, Westchester



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