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Cleveland Donauschwäbische





     In 1958, the Cleveland Society of Danube Swabians’ Brass Band & Posaunenchor was founded by Peter Glatt and Reverend Horst Hoyer. Songs performed consisted primarily of waltzes, polkas, and marches.


     The band often played at the Banater Club, Sachsenheim Club, and Gottscheer Club, and after six years, the band had grown to forty-four members. At that time, Glatt entrusted the band to Edmund Siefert and Hans Franz.  

     In 1967, the Cleveland DSB was invited to perform at the Bundesmusikfest in Sindelfingen, Germany, taking first place honors for an unforgettable performance of Sousa’s “Washington Post.” 156 brass bands were in attendance, and the DSB performed a total of forty-seven concerts in just sixteen days.  

Richard Reuding and Hans Noll subsequently took over, as the DSB toured Canada and later performed in Los Angeles.  The band continued onward and upward with Peter Weber. Then, under the direction of Ralph Rehner and Michael Rehner, the band booked a luxurious cruise ship tour of the Caribbean Sea, including performances in the Dominican Republic , San Juan , and Saint Croix .  

     Continued success followed under the direction of Robert Kozy, Jack Hack, and Michael Sifferman, who served as manager for fourteen years. Most recently, Paul Psota and Roger Radke have organized performances in Detroit , as well as local venues such as the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  

     As the Cleveland DSB enters into its 50th year, the traditions of Danube Swabian brass bands continue as the DSB performs long standing waltzes, polkas, and marches. Special thanks to all who have supported the Cleveland DSB, past and present!  




Roger Radke

VP & Director

Michele Esper


Norbert Manz


John McClellan

Music Librarian

Rob Slavic, Tom Hospodar


Michele Petit

Contact Information


(440) 235-2646


See list of officers above

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 38160

7370 Columbia Road

Olmsted Township, OH

44138   U.S.A.

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