Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA



2009 Donauschwaben





July 9-12, 2009



Schwob Camp

By Michelle Egger

Detroit Carpathia



          The second annual Jugendfreundschaftslager was held in Akron, Ohio at the German Family Society Club on July 9-12.


          Thursday morning finally arrived! Elizabeth and Victoria Pesta, Erika Schleis, and “Chaperone” Tante Michelle were dropped off by Chris and Christine Pesta. Our tents were set up and we were ready for the weekend to get started! Eight cities were in attendance with about 50 kids, and of course, the chaperones from each city!


          Thursday evening started off with dinner and we discussed what would happen over the weekend. Everybody was assigned to a group and each day they would have to perform a different task such as preparing dinner, cooking dinner, clean-up, etc.  A game of “Tag der Donauschwaben “ was played and the kids played volleyball and a few stories were told by Ingrid Dorr. A campfire was started and Smores were being made and everybody was having a great time!


          Lights out at midnight!!


          Friday morning we headed to Geauga Lake for the Water Park. The weather was hot and sunny – a perfect day for some fun in the water and sliding down all the big water slides and enjoying the tidal wave pool! The best slide was the Funnel of Fear!! Friday night was Dance Party #1 with lots of music and laughing and dancing! Even Chaperone Tante Michelle was out there dancing up a storm! After the dance party it was once again time for lights out, even though it took quite a while to get everybody to sleep! The Chaperones thought for sure the kids would be tired from all the fun in the sun and water – but not these kids!


          Saturday was Culture Day! Everybody learned a few new German songs and dances. They also learned a little bit of history of the Donauschwaben holocaust from Mrs. Koenig, a survivor from the holocaust. All the kids learned how to make Wurst, Sauerkraut and Kartofel Salat! The girls really enjoyed making the sausage, especially Erika!


          During the morning a big storm came through with heavy rains and thunder and lightning! A homemade slip and slide was made and the kids and the adults were having a blast sliding in the rain!  We even soaped ourselves up to make it even slipperier!  The heavy rains bought floods to our campground!  The fierce winds even blew some of our tents over!  We decided to pack up the tents and everybody was going to sleep inside the club Saturday night. For dinner we enjoyed the wonderful Wurst, Sauerkraut and Kartofel Salat that was made by the kids. Dance Party #2 started and we danced and sang into the wee hours of the night!


          Sunday morning came too fast and it was time to go home! The kids were all sad and did not want to say goodbye to all their new friends they made over the weekend! Tante Michelle reminded everybody that it won’t be long before they see each other again in Detroit over Labor Day Weekend for the Landestreffen.


          Thank you Akron for such a wonderful time and the great hospitality! We got in the car and told all of our stories about the weekend and then all of a sudden it was very quiet!  Chris said that’s the quietest that Tante Michelle and the kids were the entire weekend! We slept all the way home! I think the chaperone had just as much fun as the kids, maybe even a bit more! It was a pleasure for me to attend

the weekend and be with all the kids


– As they say: “Schwob” kids are the best”!!!!



Photos Courtesy of Margot Mauer



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