Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA

Donauschwaben USA  Youth Groups

2007 Essay Contest

What is your Favorite Donauschwaben Fest?

Prizes were awarded in Mansfield

Sunday afternoon- Labor Day Weekend 2007


1st Prize   $100.00

2nd prize  $ 50.00

3rd prize  $ 25.00  

Requirements included were:

    Essay of 500 words or less describing, in detail, which Donauschwaben Fest was your favorite and why.   Essays could be handwritten or typed.  You had to be a member of a Verband Donauschwaben youth group to enter.   Entries had to be submitted by July 31, 2007.  Entries were judged by a panel selected by the Landesjugendleiterin.

    Judges rulings are final.   Entries were displayed in Mansfield, Labor Day weekend, 2007.

Ingrid Dorr

3600 West 212th Street

Fairview Park, OH  44126





            My favorite Donauschwaben Fest at the Cincinnati Verein would have to be our Johann Strauss Ball held on the second Saturday in March.  This event is, in so many ways, different from all of our other dances or fests.  The evening is a tribute to Johann Strauss and our entire performance is choreographed to waltzes he composed. 

            Our January and February practices are dedicated to this performance.  Our performance usually consists of five dances plus our march in.  We have eight or nine dances choreographed for this event.  So, each year different dances are chosen for the performance.  In nine short weeks, newcomers are taught how to waltz and also a couple of dances to perform.  Our older youth group members help the newcomers and also prefect the other dances for the performance.  Then the extraordinary evening is upon us.

The guys are in their crisp clean tuxes and the girls in their beautiful gowns.  We all line up, with about 22 couples; the line looks like it will never end!  The music starts and the butterflies fill up my stomach.  This special night only comes once a year and everyone is so excited!  The first couple starts marching through the floral arch and the rest follow.  The march we perform is almost like a dance itself.  We form many lines, each containing four couples.  Our dance floor looks very full with our performing group. As our first dance is explained we move into our circles, I look at my partner and we both have huge smiles on our faces.  The music to the first dance starts Ė I put my hand in my partnerís while my other holds my dress.  My partner places his hand on my back and the time comes to take our first steps!  Those butterflies are now swimming.  We all canít wait to show off what we know.  I glide around the dance floor, wishing I could feel like this more often.  Before I know it, all our dances have been performed and itís time to do the march out.  The applause is overwhelming.  Even though the performance is now over; all the pictures begin.  We all take our places in front of the stage while dozens of cameras are flashing.  We really donít mind being ďawedĒ over but sometimes itís just too long!  So we start our own count down; ten, nine, eightÖthree, two, one! Everyone moves fast so we canít be told to stay.  We walk outside into the cold March night air to cool ourselves down. We talk about the wonderful job we just did or even our mistakes. But when the band starts playing again, we all walk back inside.  I can tell that everyone knows that itís time for the next step in fun to begin.  Itís PARTY time!

Submitted by:

Verein der Donauschwaben Cincinnati

Lindsey Decher 

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